Autistic people are as diverse as  any people, if they are in a place in which there is equal access to the diagnosis.  Autistic people are not a hugely growing group - the diagnosis in the USA is new, so previously, many autistic people simply did not get that label, but a different one.

Autistic people are male, transgender, and female, gay, straight, bisexual, and asexual, a spectrum in function (sometimes within the same person) a spectrum in response to standard tests of "intellect" and  exist across the range of living ages.

Autistic people are atheistic, agnostic, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Scientologist, Wiccan, any form of belief you can think of.

Autistic people are babies, students, teachers, attorneys, doctors, busboys, artists, musicians, dancers, ,actors, retired, retail associates, cleaners, editors, writers, cooks, chefs, small business people, and just about any other activity or employment category you can think of - yes, even parents.  This is true despite that the majority of us are employed far below our capabilities.

Autistic people are certain, confused, empathic, and often do not fit well in a society given to playing games.

Autistic people are generally undervalued by a society that looks for sameness, limited kinds of style, groupthink, and "looking good" whatever that means.

Autistic people are often at the mercy of the most recent theory about medicalization,  modification, or modification of the cores of our being.

Autistic people are deserving of better than we get, better than the assumptions made about our intellect, capabilities, dangerousness, worth,  by media, government, so-called helpers, and the population at large.  We deserve, as anyone, to be considered individually on our merits, and above all as valuable and able to contribute to family, community, society.

Autistic people are here to stay.