While this project, committing a photography exhibit to book format and following its images and words to their perhaps-logical conclusions has been trying to take over my life, that life goes on.  We continue to struggle around here with the realities of inclusion (or not).  Rafi, who was 11 when this project began and is now 14, celebrated being called to the Torah, at just short of 14.  His birthday is on Erev Rosh Hashana, which can be a tricky time to schedule a Simcha (celebration).  Being ourselves, we worked with him through the entire "Bar Mitzvah" year, with such educational and identity formation bits as six weeks in Israel on a shoestring, a day camp experience including community service, and a transition back and forth between synagogues, as we found that inclusion is truly a difficult concept for most "normal" people to grasp.
    I am reminded of when Rafi was a couple of years younger, and I tried to attend a "new age Chassidic" prayer group once a month.  The coordinator of this group, who really does think of himself as a spiritual person, I am sure, asked that we not return as Rafi's noise kept people from being able to enter into meditative states.  In the interest of peace at the time, I did not say what first came into my head -- which was:
     "And how do you know that the Almighty did not send Rafi as a test, to see if your compassion could overcome your need for order, or to assess your real ability to enter into meditation?"  

I have been kicking myself about that ever since.



09/18/2016 4:50am

I like your blog so much! Thank you for sharing these posts. They are great.

10/09/2016 7:08am

You shouldn't kick yourself! Stop it! It passed away, try to forget all that


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02/25/2017 5:45pm

Exhibitions are a great tool to market yourself, and your work to potential clients and art buyers. Exhibitions are neither scary nor intimidating if you know what is happening. The worst that you can do is bury your head in the sand and assume that any small problem will correct itself. They don’t, and if you leave one small problem to linger, it’ll inevitably lead on to other issues that can become like wildfire. And the moment you have dealt with one in a panic, it has already spread. I wish you and exhibit will be a successful one. Best of luck!

06/15/2017 2:39pm

It's a great project and I totally support you. You are such a kind person!


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