In the few days since I have launched the website and uploaded final drafts, I have been pleased to see the welcoming response to the concept of my books.  We also ran headlong into the brick wall of exclusion once again.  How many of you readers find it amazing that somehow people with disabilities are almost never included in such concepts as "community of faith", "congregation", and church/synagogue/mosque, unless we are indistinguishable from everyone else?  While systematically excluding for whatever "practical" reasons, those in authority or control err on the side of convenience, comfort zone, majority rule. 
    I invite my readers to get copies of the discussion guide and share the included textual materials in your communities -- then asking , as appropriate, "What would Jesus do?"  "What would Moses do?" " What would Mohamed do -- after he was admonished about ignoring the blind man?"  Yes, that takes chutzpah (gall, guts or supreme ignorance of the pecking order) but without chutzpah, how can society move forward out of its comfort zone?



09/11/2016 6:52am

Is it possible to buy your books somehow? I want to read them so much!

05/17/2017 7:47pm

I'm glad that you finally finished your book. I bet everyone would totally love them, that's for sure. I'm so excited to get my hands on them. I believe that you really worked hard and gave your best in this book of yours. I hope you continue burning that passion of yours and keep that strong determination to succeed every day. Perhaps, you could update us as soon as possible for the details of your book release. Best of luck to your career!


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03/12/2017 1:39am

Where can I get the copy of discussion guide? I'd like to discover more!


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